The Little Quizz Marie-Antoinette

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80 questions & answers to (re)discover the fascinating story of Marie-Antoinette

Was Marie-Antoinette a beautiful woman? How many outfits did she wear every day? Do you know who Axel Fersen was? Did the sovereign have political influence? What were her final words ? 

Trough 80 questions & answers, this little book will help you (re)discover the fascinating story - and tragic fate - of the most famous Queen of France.


Grégoire Thonnat has always been passionate about history. He has authored several successful quizzes and published the book Petite histoire du ticket de métro parisien (Brief history of the Parisian metro tickef) with Editions SW Télémaque - a book that was awarded the 2011 APHAT book prize. He also contributes to various media programmes on history and heritage subjects. 


Published with le château de Versailles.

Author: Grégoire Thonnat
Book cover: smooth
Total number of pages: 152
Format: 12,75 x 8,5 cm